<span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>cd/tg / cosplayer / modder / FOSSdev / computer breaker / flightsim enthusiast</li></span>
<li><span class="center plus2"><a href="https://github.com/researcx" target="_blank">GitHub</a> (<a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx" target="_blank">Gists</a>, <a href="https://github.com/researcx?tab=stars" target="_blank">Starred</a>), <a href="https://gitlab.com/researcx" target="_blank">GitLab</a> (<a href="https://gitlab.com/users/researcx/snippets" target="_blank">Snippets</a>)</span></li>
<li><span class="center alt-text-x2 italic"><a href="https://soundcloud.com/researchdev" target="_blank">soundcloud</a>, <a href="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL35BXY0Q2A2LtQdufdMqmSbfvHqNsS58k" target="_blank">youtube music</a>, <a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/static/files/Documents/musicplaylists.txt" target="_blank">music playlists</a>, <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970661244" target="_blank">steam</a>, <a href="https://github.com/researchdepartment" target="_blank">.dotfiles</a><br/>&nbsp;<br/>
<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/@devk" target="_blank">@devk@xch.fairuse.org</a></span></li>
</ul><strong>Things that I've made:</strong><ul>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/aff274bf5f806af0cf77d23da4c8aa34" target="blank">proxmox-backup.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">A script to backup Proxmox containers and host configs with the optional ability to automatically store them in LUKS-encrypted images. Also available for <a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/4ec53ed98270aa60f8ea93b3cf465aeb" target="blank">LXD</a> (full-backup.sh).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/783ab2eb5a0edcc3971274ec5cf2d991" target="blank">githubrepos.py</a> <span class="alt-text demo-link">[<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/static/files/Repositories/github.html" target="_blank">DEMO</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Periodically make a HTML page of your GitHub repos (requires GitHub cli tools (gh command)).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx.github.io/<a href="https://researcx.github.io/ss13-lawgen/" target="blank">ss13-lawgen</a> <span class="alt-text warning-text">[Content-Warning]</span></span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Space Station 13 AI Law Generator (Browser Version).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/spacetopia" target="blank">spacetopia</a> (Spacetopia) <span class="alt-text">[Source code now available!]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">A role-play oriented Space Station 13 mod which adds certain Second-Life features and character customisation amongst other changes that are highly inspired by EVE Online and Furcadia. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://github.com/researcx/spacetopia/blob/master/README.md" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/2545a7298537177d3a73b25647bcfdea" target="blank">angristan-openvpn-easy-renew.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Easily renew angristan/<a href="https://github.com/angristan/openvpn-install" target="blank">openvpn-install</a> certificates.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/aac0fafa12ba6a8e3ed8c121c6efc73e" target="blank">check_time_weather_condition.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Run things during daytime, when it's sunny. (For solar panels.)</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/9038cd6427980a57d6588bf7a0999290" target="blank">discord_export_friends.py</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Python script to backup discord tags with user IDs. (For friend lists.)</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx.github.io/<a href="https://researcx.github.io/square_avatar/" target="blank">square_avatar</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Square avatar generator for Twitter.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/timg" target="blank">timg</a> (temporary image)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Self-destructing image upload server in Python+Flask. Image is loaded in base64 and destroyed as soon as it is viewed (experimental).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/d384a1384690aa96485d11490a33a2f6" target="blank">DonateBot.py</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Game-server style "donate to us" announcer bot for IRC channels.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/pyborg-1up" target="blank">pyborg-1up</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">jrabbit/<a href="https://github.com/jrabbit/pyborg-1up" target="blank">pyborg-1up</a> fork which adds server password and channel-specific trigger word support.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/conduit" target="blank">conduit</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">A multi-channel multi-network irc relay+service system.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/weechat-confsave" target="blank">weechat-confsave</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">A weechat config exporter which includes non-default variables. Outputs to /set commands, myweechat.md-style markdown or raw config.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/lxd-tools" target="blank">lxd-tools</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">LXD powertool for container mass-management, migration and automation.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx.github.io/<a href="https://researcx.github.io/random-fursona/" target="blank">random-fursona</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Fetch a random fursona from thisfursonadoesnotexist.com</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/xch" target="blank">xch</a> <span class="alt-text demo-link">[<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/r/" target="_blank">DEMO</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Imageboard software oriented towards research and development communities.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/infinity" target="blank">infinity</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">infinity fork with fixes, instructions for modern installation, basic recent threads functionality and some added missing files.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/pydirlist" target="blank">pydirlist</a> <span class="alt-text demo-link">[<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/" target="_blank">DEMO</a>]</span></li></span>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Directory listing script based on SPKZ's + Garry's Directory Listing.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/3d48686fbef0dd0251d4803eb72c96a5" target="blank">base-weechat-matrix-bitlbee-setup.txt</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Basic install of weechat and (optionally) weechat-matrix, bitlbee</a> on Arch Linux.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researchdepartment/<a href="https://github.com/researchdepartment/dotfiles-qubes3.2-i3" target="blank">dotfiles-qubes3.2-i3</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Instructions for bringing rice to Qubes OS (with researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/i3-gaps-qubes" target="blank">i3-gaps-qubes</a>, numix themes/icons, lucy/<a href="https://github.com/lucy/tewi-font" target="blank">tewi</a>).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/i3-gaps-qubes" target="blank">i3-gaps-qubes</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">i3-gaps patch for qubes 3.2.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/goscraper" target="blank">goscraper</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Fork of the goscraper webpage-scraper which adds timeout, proxy and user-agent support.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/216482572b15fe299ee742899c741e50" target="blank">void-linux-install.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Minimal instructions for installing Void Linux on MBR + Legacy BIOS.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/e3b0476f2f75165f004773f8add4a7ad" target="blank">arch-linux-install.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Minimal instructions for installing Arch Linux on GPT or MBR on UEFI or Legacy BIOS.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/oragono-laced" target="blank">oragono-laced</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Oragono IRCd mod providing imageboard features and anonymity to IRC.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/26558dfbfd9417157f20b7c236f28f05" target="blank">myweechat.md</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">My personal weechat configuration.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/znc-httpadmin" target="blank">znc-httpadmin</a> <span class="alt-text">[Fork]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Added user count and user list API call to znc-httpadmin.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/8e583f8cfc68562355408b9b854ff31c" target="blank">config_audio.md</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Linux system-wide audio tweaks (24bit 192 kHz HD Audio + A=432 Hz Tuning + Equalizer).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/SynDBB" target="blank">SynDBB</a> (Cyndi)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">An IRC, imageboard, Facepunch and SomethingAwfulinspired forum software. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://github.com/researcx/SynDBB/blob/master/SCREENSHOTS.md" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/1f631f9eebaef66b76aa938ea9309a6d" target="blank">.bashrc</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Useful shell aliases.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="#" target="blank">file_download.py</a> (unavailable)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Automated per-channel/server/buffer link/file archiver script for weechat (async).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/fp-ban" target="blank">fp-ban</a> (unavailable)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Evercookie based fingerprinting + user ban system. Previously used on the Space Station 13 server.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/4ca1b1b0dcbb720ef824cc5ee41d2716" target="blank">dnsbl.php</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">DNSBL user/bot blocking in PHP.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/b4db73f57143877df0e45d4338f21b9f" target="blank">simple_bash_uploader.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Bash file/screenshot upload script (scrot compatible).</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/marketplace-php" target="blank">marketplace-php</a> (unavailable)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Modular shop/market system in PHP, originally based on my <a href="https://github.com/researcx/xenforo-mods" target="blank">XenForo forum shop mod</a>. Supports conversion between virtual and fiat currencies. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://github.com/researcx/spacetopia/blob/master/screenshots/4.png" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/xenforo-mods" target="blank">xenforo-mods</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">XenForo forum API</a> for Space Station 13 integration (user accounts, trophies, bank, shop), Facepunch-style grammar points/smartness system, imageboard-style ban/warning system. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://github.com/researcx/xenforo-mods/blob/master/README.md" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://github.com/researcx/spacetopia/blob/master/server.sh" target="blank">Space Station 13 Linux Server Toolkit</a></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/21233a8756993e1f03972c1886eb865e" target="blank">git-update.sh</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Git repository auto-updater.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/d2station-full" target="blank">d2station-full</a> <span class="alt-text warning-text">[Content-Warning]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Official release of the D2Station v1,v2 and v4 Space Station 13 codebases for archival purposes. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://github.com/researcx/d2station-full/blob/master/README.md" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">researcx/<a href="https://github.com/researcx/opensim-mod" target="blank">opensim-mod</a> (unavailable)</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3"><a href="http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page" target="blank">OpenSimulator</a> mods for XenForo bdBank currency and user integration. <span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/?f=Games;OpenSim;" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header"><a href="https://gist.github.com/researcx/ebf32c517d1dcc246f9141dbe1dcfcd2" target="blank">scan_pics.php</a></span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Mass incremental+prefix+suffix photo scanner for direct URLs.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Various <a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/?f=Games;Garry%27s%20Mod;" target="blank">Garry's Mod roleplay scripts + hud design</a>.</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3"><span class="alt-text images-link">[<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/~devk/list/?f=Games;Garry%27s%20Mod;" target="_blank">IMAGES</a>]</span></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Source Mapping</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3"><a href="https://github.com/researcx/gm_wireconstruct_rc" target="blank">gm_wireconstruct</a>, <a href="https://github.com/researcx/rp_d2city" target="blank">rp_d2city</a>, rp_d2country, <a href="https://github.com/researcx/gm_ze_airportz_b10" target="blank">gm_ze_airportz_b10</a>(+_winter) (spacebuild temperature compatible), de_hotel.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Source Modding</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">City 47, texturing (custom map textures), model editing (custom player-models).</li></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Markov forum bot</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">SMF forum mods</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Neopets-style RP item shop, smartness, ban list, improved ban system, upload site with file listing, thumbnails, search, user to user file sharing/transfers.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Instant-messaging system with an IRC backend. (unavailable)</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">Grand Theft Auto Modding</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">San Andreas texture overhaul, improved lighting, improved water @ GTAGaming and The_Borg Gaming, SA:MP scripts (Drive&Kill Roleplay, Drive&Kill), MTA:R mapping.</span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2 project-header">ActiveWorlds City Builds</span></li>
<li><span class="right-alt project-alt alt-pad-x3">Rockford, Parameira, D2City.</li>
<li><span class="center">kei.trei.a52@gmail.com / <a href="https://tellonym.me/keiratree" target="_blank">request commission</a></span></li>
<li><span class="alt-pad-x2">XMPP (OMEMO):</span></li><span class="alt-pad-x3">
<li><a href="xmpp:researcx@xmpp.social" target="_blank">researcx@xmpp.social</a><span class="right-alt alt-pad-x2">[e82dc74a e75b9d4d 289960af 83bc902a f4e97753 e5840e85 634066f1 3835d900]<br/>[1cd12f79 2bc94253 119d316e 21fbc0b2 f72e3852 2de7e438 524fb2b5 042c3954]</span></li>
<li><a href="xmpp:researcx@xmpp.jp" target="_blank">researcx@xmpp.jp</a> <span class="alt-text">[Backup]</span><br/><span class="right-alt alt-pad-x2">[bf11a617 7e3160b2 92c79df0 eae6d37e f1d07248 fb8821fc e0bb5e23 ee35f735]<br/>[36ede295 74c5dcbb c64a450d ea7e16be 757b9b39 446d55dd f017199d db19ea61]</span></li>
</span><br/><span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>Matrix (OLM):</li></span><br/><span class="alt-pad-x3"><li><a href="https://matrix.to/#/@kei:kde.org" target="_blank">@kei:kde.org</a><span class="right-alt alt-pad-x2">[v4po hufV bm8F XB/o 5X3x o/ZW qZDj t9RE t9aj IZah Tg8]<br/>[iKkU 5BVw ENQL ll17 blU0 XPny D579 Sla9 WDTi 6fhG buw]</span></li>
<li><a href="https://matrix.to/#/@researcx:asra.gr" target="_blank">@researcx:asra.gr</a> <span class="alt-text">[Backup]</span><br/><span class="right-alt alt-pad-x2">[EuUc LqGx Eaxz 2v7a NLX1 dRzH DgIZ jgqz 7Sx7 CrmC APM]<br/>[+Lsb Yw/x yuc/ 0rCA S4dg geHy gm/e j8L1 V8S6 +RGZ b+4]</span></li></span>
<span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>Tox:</li></span><br/><span class="alt-pad-x3"><li>Desktop:<span class="left-alt alt-pad-x2">C9C626815BEE8E0E292C4A2FCD5DF90B8F9098CDC87FDC31FE05BECAC4AA6B1D2AC76603CD5D</span></li>
<li>Mobile:<span class="left-alt alt-pad-x2">FE80430EE1406A3C88161A78C43F35DD8FABE5402EC03710896A474953676A4356D8D07457EE</span></li></span>&nbsp;
<span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>Discord: <a href="https://discord.com/users/624407705070731294" target="_blank">operator#4673</a></li>
<li>Steam: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970661244" target="_blank">STEAM_0:0:5197758</a></li>
<li>e-Mail: kei.trei.a52@gmail.com (<a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/_transparency/email/" target="_blank">transparency</a>)</li>
<li>Social: <a href="https://xch.fairuse.org/@devk" target="_blank">@devk@xch.fairuse.org</a></li>
<li>Signal: [<a href="https://wtf.roflcopter.fr/paste/?da7c00f6800cfd0e#FD48nSPjerAVVStT1PnGv5UGoXtJNR6iDCFUB8fdWAYw" target="_blank">view number</a>]</li>
<li><a href="https://en.pronouns.page/@researchdev" target="_blank">Pronouns.page</a> (en.pronouns.page/@researchdev)</li>
<li><a href="https://identify.us.to/unsfwp" target="_blank">F-list</a> (rating:explicit)</li></span>
<span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>XMR:</li></span><br/><span class="alt-pad-x3"><li><span class="left-alt">86PHZTrVFtRMqPvM4F6k5BKYz5EKD1eoTepvqpNGEcktEkQ9xuVt98biL4QzCCsENFKJP58nPTPbyB6CG33gy5FWDxacA1A</span></li></span>&nbsp;
<span class="alt-pad-x2"><li>BTC, LTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, BCH, USDT, DAI via <a href="https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/aee4db37-b4e4-4a21-9a85-1d7cd04e0ede" target="_blank">coinbase</a></li>
<li>BTC via personal address: contact me</li>
<li>Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/researcx/donate</li>
<li>CashApp: <a href="https://cash.app/£keiratree" target="_blank">https://cash.app/£keiratree</a></li>
<li>Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/keitree</li>
<li>& <a href="https://linktr.ee/keitree" target="blank">more</a> (paypal, square)</li></span>
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<span class="subtext">Here's what's going to happen.

I'm going to read this... and you're going to listen, and you're going to stay on the line.
You're not going to interrupt. You're not going to speak for any reason.
Now, some of this you know. I'm going to start at the top of the page.

Meticulous, yes. Methodical. Educated. They were these things.
Nothing extreme. Like anyone, they varied. There were days of mistakes and laziness and infighting.
And there were days, good days, when by anyone's judgment... they would have to be considered clever.
No one would say that what they were doing was complicated.
It wouldn't even be considered new. Except maybe in the geological sense.
They took from their surroundings what was needed... and made of it something more.

-I don't see anybody quitting their jobs because of it. Are you? Abe just means that right now the JTAG cards are it.
When you look at the addresses, we have a lot of apartments. A lot of residences.
But these are not the bulk orders to the OEMs or retail giants. These are the quiet basement hackers.
-Yeah, hacker wannabes testing their dads' old motherboards.

You know that story about how NASA spent millions... developing this pen that writes in zero-G? Did you ever read that?
-And how Russia solved the problem?
-Yeah, they used a pencil. Right, a normal wooden pencil.

-I was going to come give you this big speech about how we've been... friends for a long time and built up trust, that whole thing.
But how about this instead? If you ditch work this afternoon and promise to do the few small things I ask you... I will in return show you the most important thing... that any living organism has ever witnessed.

What do they do with engineers when they turn 40?
Do you know what they do with engineers when they turn 40?
They take them out and shoot them.

-When you were controlling the feed, did you notice it was parabolic?
It's important. Parabolas are important. Here, look at this.
-I don't know, Abe. I'm going to start it up and let it run for 60 seconds with nothing in it. It's empty this time.
-That's 22 in all the equations that describe motion and heat and entropy. In all Feynman diagrams what's the one variable that you can turn negative and still get rational answers for? It's not mass. Twenty-two hours, 27 minutes in the box.
-It's an odd number.
-That's 1,347 minutes.
-1,347, man, you got that fast.
-How did you know it's odd?
-Because this is it. This is what's going on. There's an "A" end and a "B" end. Let's say the A end is 12:00, and the B end is 12:01. All right? We start the machine with the Weeble at the A end.
-It travels forward normally towards the B end. When it gets there, the feed runs down parabolically until it should stop, but it curves back around towards the A end.
When it gets back to the A end curve that around. The Weeble has experienced a total of two minutes and again it curves--
-Back around. It curves parabolically.
-Right. It comes back around and it does this about 1,300 times. When it finally exits on the B end... it's traveled an odd number of forward and backward trips.
What is so special about 1,300? Why is it about 1,300? Why isn't it exact?
-I don't know why it's not exact. There's some sort of probability there. Every time it hits the B end there's a chance... a small chance it won't curve back around towards the A end.
And for some reason, it takes about 1,300 trips before it finally does. It does have to exit, or else we wouldn't be able to see it afterwards.
Okay, let's take a look at this. Twenty-two hours, 14 minutes.
-1,334 minutes.

Enter at the B end. Exit at the B end.

Everything we're putting in that box comes ungrounded. And I don't mean grounded to the earth, I mean not tethered.
We're blocking whatever keeps it moving forward, so they flip-flop. Inside the box, it's like a street, and both ends are cul-de-sacs.

This isn't frame dragging or wormhole matching.
I know you probably feel like you're being tricked or made fun of. But you're not.
I promise you, you're not. Okay?

While I was on the road at 8:45, the machine kicked on by itself... and by 8:49, it was completely warmed up.
In Russellfield, I got a hotel room and tried to isolate myself.
- Wait, what do you mean "isolate"?
I closed the windows, I unplugged everything in the room... the telephone, TV, clock, radio, everything. I didn't want to take the chance of running into someone I knew... or seeing something on the news that might.... If we're dealing with causality, and I don't even know for sure. Took myself out of the equation. I just sat there. I had some books, but... It's mind-numbing, all the second-guessing.

So, I got to the storage room at about 3:15 and cut off the power to the box.
It cycled down to a tolerable level at about 3:19.
The trick is to get in after it reaches a comfortable level but before it shuts off completely. There's a window there.
I set the alarm on my stopwatch for six hours.
I regulated the O2 tank, took some Dramamine, and tried to sleep.
-Did you sleep?
-Not at first. I've never considered myself claustrophobic... but I started sweating and I couldn't find the right flow rate on the tank and I was breathing differently than I was when I was testing it on the outside. Eventually, I settled down, and I don't know, maybe it was the Dramamine kicking in, but I remember this moment in the dark with the reverberation of the machine.
It was maybe the most content I've ever been. I woke up on my own without the alarm and waited for the machine to cool down. Cool down from my perspective.
It got to a point where it sounded safe to get out but the stopwatch still showed a couple minutes... so I trusted the math and waited.

From there it was easy.
The bulk of the work was done.
I just left everything the way I found it. I left the machine alone and didn't turn it off, and just cleared out of there.
-So your double would find everything the same later that day and get in the box?
-Right, but also, I or my double or someone was in the box coming backwards. So who knows what that would've done if I'd turned the machine off.
-Definitely. So, they're one-time use only.
-So then, at that moment, since my double was on the way to the hotel in my car... I had to take a taxi home. But when we go. we'll be able to use your truck...

God, everything is so different in there. You can feel how cut off you are.... it's this entirely separate world and you encompass most of it.

The permutations were endless.
They tried again going to the source but even while keeping him separated from Abe by two rooms Granger's condition could only be described as vegetative.
From this they deduced that the problem was recursive but beyond that, found themselves admitting, against their own nature and once again, that the answer was unknowable.

But the idea had been spoken... and the words wouldn't go back after they had been uttered aloud.

So you are understanding this, right? You don't have to sell me on not doing this, okay?

I'm not going to pretend like I know anything about paradoxes... or what follows them, and honestly, I really don't believe in that crap.
Kill your mom before you were born, whatever. It has to work itself out somehow.
-I don't know.

-This is what I know for sure. The worst thing in the world is to know that the moment you are experiencing has already been defined, that this is the second or third time through, or whatever.

And do you ever feel like, I don't know, maybe things aren't right, like maybe your life is in disarray or just not what you would like and you start to wonder what caused this. People are always blaming their parents as if, if their mom had breastfed them, their lives would be different. Bunch of whiners.
-Yeah, they are. But what if it wasn't something you wonder about?
What if you knew this is not the way things are supposed to be?
-I'm not like that. I'm not into the whole "destiny, there's-only-one-right-way" thing.
-I'm not, either. But what's worse? Thinking you're being paranoid or knowing you should be?

We didn't have any contact with him in the 3 hours he could've done anything.
I know he changed this. I know we weren't having this conversation the first time... so you don't know what we lost.
It really could not have been much. It doesn't matter how much. It just matters that it's changed.
-I know what you're saying.
-The question should have been... what to do with the comatose man in the guest bedroom. But in Abe's mind he was already compiling the list...

2mg of oral triazolam every seven hours induces a safe sleep state and a minimal metabolic rate.
At this continued state of rest the human body breathes 0.3 liters of oxygen a minute or roughly 2,000 liters in four days. A Class E oxygen tank holds 625 liters.
To maintain hydration the body cycles through a minimum of two-and-a-half liters of water per day. Any food would be a luxury... but the small tank of medical grade nitrous oxide would be needed on the other side.
Past the room that contained their machines and up two levels he made his way to another room where he had stored what I will refer to from here on as the Failsafe Machine.

At this point there would have been some discussion. Abe would, of course, want to know how. Aaron would have to explain all about the storage manifest and how it showed two rooms under the name Abram Terger.
Then Abe would need to know how. Aaron would explain that when he went up there and found the Failsafe running... he knew exactly what it was. But Abe would ask how.
And then the bit about the modular design of the coffins and how it meant he could fold one up and take it back inside another.
They are not one-time use only. They are recyclable, Aaron would say. "How?" Abe would ask. And Aaron would describe how simple things become... when you know precisely what someone will have for breakfast... even in a world of tamper-proof lids.

And that's where I would have entered the story. Or exited,  depending on your reference. Because when Aaron came back the second time, it wasn't so easy.
He wasn't expecting me to put up a fight. And by that time, he was too exhausted to take me. But for reasons that are only evident to me now I understood that he simply wanted it more. That he just had more invested. So I left.
He had already performed the task as I had intended to of recording the conversations of the day just in case.

Through that earpiece he had a three-second lead on the world.
He had but to speak aloud the words that came into his head... and those around him would fall in line.

-Is that your cell phone?
-No, it's a radio, man.
-You look like secret service.
-We know everything. Okay? We're prescient.
-What's wrong with our hands?
-What do you mean?
-Why can't we write like normal people?
-I don't know. I can see the letters. I know what they should look like. I just can't get my hand to make them easily. Try comparing it to your left hand. Mine looks the same.

I can tell you with certainty what I did that night when it was my turn.
But I think it would do little good, because what the world remembers... the actuality, the last revision is what counts, apparently.
So how many times did it take Aaron... as he cycled through the same conversations... lip-synching trivia over and over?
How many times would it take before he got it right? Three? Four? Twenty? I've decided to believe that only one more would have done it.

I can almost sleep at night if there is only one more. Slowly and methodically, he reverse-engineered a perfect moment.
He took from his surroundings what was needed... and made of it something more. And once the details had been successfully navigated there would be nothing left to do but wait for the conflict.

They'll be building their own boxes in another day. And yours already knows what they've built. You're not going to be able to watch them forever.
The box Abe is building won't work. He's got it wired wrong. And if they fix that I'll start actually taking pieces out of it. It's just a gimmick. It doesn't work anymore.
Your double will say they have to move on to something else. And mine will agree. They're friends.
There hasn't been a reason to show you what I'm capable of... but I'm telling this you now. Go out there. Do whatever the hell you want. There's no way in the world I can stop you. But don't come back here... and don't come near them. Any of them.

Now I have repaid any debt I may have owed you. You know all that I know. My voice is the only proof that you will have of the truth of any of this.
I might have written a letter with my signature... but my handwriting is not what it used to be.

Maybe you've had the presence of mind to record this. That's your prerogative. You will not be contacted by me again. And if you look, you will not find me.
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